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Generation II
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Hellfire Rex is here to stay!!! Look forward to the PBC! Post around people, soul points will be worth something very soon.


 HF Update #1

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HF Update #1 Empty
PostSubject: HF Update #1   HF Update #1 EmptyWed Mar 17, 2010 9:08 pm

--Inside the Update: Soul Points Explained in Depth, World Wide Search Project, Pokemon, and New Poll--

We're kicking off HF Rex Gen II with a series of minor yet very interesting updates. First off we will explain the soul points in depth...

Soul Points are gathered by posting, making topics, bringing friends to the site, and good on site behavior. The math system will remain a secret but it isn't to complicated to figure out. I'm sure if you just pay close attention you can easily see what gives you what. However, the amount will fluctuate over time.

... Now what do you do with SP?


There will be a wide ranged selection of Badges and Ribbons to put into your rank section on your profile...
Unlockable prizes ranging from Role Playing Characters, in game items, Pokemon (Mystery Gift through DS), and much much more!

But this doesn't mean you can spam your way to prize filled glory... post on topic things!

There will be a store available in the forums in the next update with a list of items with prices...

Which leads me to another important update... Within the next couple weeks there will be a forum wide Pokemon Open Battle Range (Generation Four). through the internet using your DS. If you own Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl you are eligable to compete in this round robin competition. So start training your pokemon! More details next week.

In other news...

A World Wide Search Project is in effect as of tonight. Every member shall go everywhere and anywhere to recruit members to the site. For every person gathered you will gain an original amount of SP plus a bonus 200 SP! This project is in effect from 3/17 - 4/18. Don't cheat, we will know...

There is a new poll for everyone to vote in that involves the next big RPF.

Thats it for now!


HF Staff Alex

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HF Update #1
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