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Generation II
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Hellfire Rex is here to stay!!! Look forward to the PBC! Post around people, soul points will be worth something very soon.


 Hellfire Rex Hall of Fame

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PostSubject: Hellfire Rex Hall of Fame   Hellfire Rex Hall of Fame EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 11:04 pm

This list is open to everyone, but is limited to those who are purely dedicated. The list will grow over time and new achievements will be added. You will be highly recognized by members, fans, and the future community if your name is etched into this epic list.

Only the greatest on the site will be recognized here...

First Member to Reach 100 Posts

First Member to Reach 500 Posts

First Member to Reach 1000 Posts


First Member to Make 10 Topics

First Member to Make 50 Topics

First Member to Make 100 Topics


First Original Member (other than creator)


... More to come later

Psalm 144:1
Blessed be the Lord, my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.
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Hellfire Rex Hall of Fame
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